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Stunningly rich and beautiful soft jazz/new age music is the backdrop for this disturbing and eloquent report on the atrocities of which man is not only capable of, but is guilty of and continues to be guilty of ... even in this enlightened age of scientific marvels.
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Know This Hear This
Image'Know This Hear This' - A.A.Owen's new album - is Peacework's Spotlight album for June.

ImageWelcome to - your source for information on A.A.Owen and his music.

Albert Alan Owen has been a leading and much-admired figure in contemporary music for over 30 years. Over this period he has composed, recorded and released a series of beautiful and sometimes groundbreaking works that are difficult if not impossible to classify. He has also been an influential teacher. He was honoured by the Royal Academy of Music by being elected an Associate in 2002 for achieving distinction in the music profession.

In these pages you will find information about his life and work, as well as thought-provoking articles and insights about music.

We hope that you enjoy visiting this site and that you come back often.

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