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Techno Arts Productions has been at the cutting edge in its use of music technology for some 30 years. A.A.Owen, who started Techno Arts Productions, was the first musician in the UK to own and use an ARP Odyssey synthesizer in the early 1970s, and continues using the latest technology to this day.

Today Techno Arts Productions is a state of the art, hardware based, electronic music production facility boasting:

    * 40 physical tracks of 24 bit hard disk recording.
    * 26 high quality microphone channels.
    * Full range stereo Sampling capacity of an hour, freely assignable over 32 Midi channels.
    * 32 tracks of high quality analogue mixing + 40 tracks of 24 bit 96 kHz digital mixing.
    * Custom Monitoring + Spirit Absolute 4s (nearfield).
    * 48 Midi sequencing tracks (Midi channel 16 x 3)
    * A comprehensive range of synthesizers including: Motif ES, Access Virus TI + Yamaha FM, Ensoniq, Korg, Novation, Alesis and Gem keyboards and modules.
    * Outboard by: Lexicon, Yamaha, TC Helicon, Roland, Quark and Behringer.
    * Vocal Modelling hardware: TC Helicon's Voice One and Voice Works.
    * PC x 2 running Sibelius, Audio Lab + a comprehensive range of file conveting and editing tools.
    * Full range of microphones by Audio Technica, Shure, Sony + custom made, phantom powered, PZMs.
    * Bluthner 5'8" Grand Piano.
    * Mastering, with Waves Y96K, to CD, DAT or MD.
    * 250 Gigabytes of Hard Disk space.

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