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Stunningly rich and beautiful soft jazz/new age music is the backdrop for this disturbing and eloquent report on the atrocities of which man is not only capable of, but is guilty of and continues to be guilty of ... even in this enlightened age of scientific marvels.
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A plot outline of, and the characters in, Blue Queen.

Plot Outline

Blue Queen is a dark fairy tale. It is about the nature of stardom.It is a story about love and betrayal, hope, loss and redemption, tragedy and triumph. It is told through music, recitation and song, as a series of tableaux. Its themes are universal:  Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland…

Cast of Characters

  • Wife/Blue Queen
  • Blue Queen as a young girl
  • The Man
  • The Husband
  • The Husband’s Mistress
  • Words


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