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'...cleverly effortless modulations make up a kind of electronic-age tone poem' - Classical Music Magazine.
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ImageBlue Queen is the moving tale, told in words and music, of a woman’s rise from the ashes of a broken marriage to fulfilment and stardom. Accompanied on her journey by a mysterious male companion, her story is one of tragedy and triumph which can be interpreted and appreciated on many different levels and in many different ways.

Albert Alan Owen has been a leading figure in Contemporary Music for over 30 years. He was a student of the legendary composition teacher Nadia Boulanger and the great French pianist Jacques Fevrier. In 2002 he had the honour of being elected an ARAM by the Governors of the Royal Academy of Music.

Nadia Boulanger described him as “a real musician, gifted and inspired”.

The music on this album is characteristic of his work: beautiful, direct and accessible. This music and the evocative poetry of Geoffrey Godbert and Douglas Houston combine to make this an album that is both intriguing and uplifting.
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